UFOshock zine submission portfolio

A blue portrait
This is the cover of a zine I organized between friends. I did the cover. See the full thing via the homepage.
A color study with one of my characters
Kasane Teto doodle in MSpaint
A panel I am proud of from an unreleased comic.
A panel with a lot of texture.
A panel with a lot of texture.
A background for a game in development, directed by @denpavn on Twitter. I am trying to learn the early 2000's VN bg artstyle.
My page for my own zine.
A gift for an artist summer secret santa event.
A mysterious scene with a pleasant composition.
#MikuAllWeeku submission.
#MikuAllWeeku submission.
A gift for an artist secret santa event.
Cool brushwork.
The batter from the hit game "Off".
The batter purifying a small guy.
Ainz Ooal Gown.
moody miku.
Biker Miku eating ramyun.
A quick drawing. it's kind of a bit on the nose, but I like it.
A piece I like because the text box defies it's genre. I love experiments.